Honda CG125 or Yamaha YB125Z

Honda CG125 or Yamaha YB125Z

When ever it comes to buy a 125cc motorcycle, People often confuse between Honda CG125 or Yamaha YB125Z. In this article we will try to compare Honda 125 with Yamaha 125 and find out which motorcycle is better in terms of maintenance, performance and value for money.

Honda CG125 or Yamaha YB125Z price Comparison

The recent inflation and dollar fluctuation has increased motorcycle prices a lot. A Honda CG125 now costs around 180,000 while the Yamaha YB125Z costs 286,500 rupees which is a lot of money. Is Yamaha YB125Z worth the premium price? well it has more features than CG125 but it is not a very premium machine either. In terms of price, Honda CG125 is more realistically priced motorcycle out of these two.

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Honda CG125 or Yamaha YB125Z performance Comparison

This is where it gets interesting, Honda CG125 has always been loved because of its wheelie popping performance and its sound. These two have been the ultimate selling points for Honda CG125. Weighing just under 100 kgs, CG125 produces 12 hp and has a 4 speed gear box. CG125 is very light and has an excellent power to weight ratio. Though its OHV engine produces many vibrations which are not pleasant to many but iconic to Honda CG125 fans.

Honda CG125 or Yamaha YB125Z Video Comparison
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On the other hand, Yamaha YB125Z weighs 107 kgs, produces 10.5 hp and has 5 speed gear box. Yamaha YB125Z is not a motorcycle which would win from Honda CG125 easily due to low power and high weigh ratio but the ride quality on YB125Z is superior than of CG125. It has very less vibrations, better suspension and tyres. Over all YB125Z is a refined motorcycle but Honda CG125 is a fast and raw machine.

Honda CG125 or Yamaha YB125Z maintenance Comparison

Honda CG125 is in production from at least 4 decades. This motorcycle has been localized and its spare parts are available across Pakistan in many qualities. One can get Genuine spare parts and its replica parts as well. On the other hand Yamaha YB125Z is not localized fully, its running spare parts are available in different qualities but major pats are still imported from China. If compared in terms of prices, Yamaha spare parts are much expensive than of Honda and Yamaha is difficult to maintain.

which Motorcycle is the best?

Yamaha YB125Z is undoubtedly a smooth motorcycle on offer with smooth ride and many added features. But these features come on cost of price. If you are price conscious, Honda CG125 is the bike for you. If money is not a problem, Yamaha YB125Z should be your ultimate choice.

Honda CG125 or Yamaha YB125Z

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