Road Prince bella

Road Prince BELLA 100cc Scooter

Road Prince motorcycles is known as Pakistan’s 2nd largest motorcycle company with variety of 2wheelers to offer from 70 to 250cc. Also Road Prince is well known for its loader and commercial vehicles as well. Recently Road Prince has launched its 100cc scooter which is called Bella. Lets get in to details of this scooter and find out what is its price, specs and features in Pakistan.

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Road Prince Bella Price in Pakistan:

The most important factor for any automobile in Pakistan is price. No matter how good or bad the automobile is but if the price is right, it can make a huge difference in sale figures. Road Prince Bella is slightly priced higher for a new product. The scooter retails at 245,000 and it is on the higher side for a 100cc scooter.

Bella 100cc Scooter
Bella by Road Prince

Road Prince Bella Specs in Pakistan:

Specs wise not much has been revealed but Bella is a single cylinder ohc engine which is fed by a simple carb. This engine makes 6.4 hp at max and comes with a gear less CVT transmission. That means riding this scooter is very easy and it is also focused towards female riders. The Scooter gets decent suspension and disc set up at both ends. Also the low floor board makes sure getting in and out is easy as a breeze.

Road Prince Bella features in pakistan:

Bella is a new product for Pakistan, earlier such scooters are not seen in the market commonly. Road Prince has launched this scooter to target the Female audience and introduce it as a scooter/ scooty for females. Bella is offered in multiple color shades to accommodate every ones style and preferences. Also it comes with a semi analogue instrumental cluster which helps to share necessary information. It has tubeless tyres and disc brakes as well. The engine is self start and refined to use.

Bella a good scooter?

Is Bella a good scooter? well it is priced slightly higher but has much more to offer. Its worth a try at least!

Road Prince bella

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