LIFAN KPR200 parked in garage

Lifan KPR 200

Lifan is not a new name when it comes to chinese motorcycles, this heavy hitter chinese brand has developed a reputation which is quite unknown for chinese products. With its powerful 200 cc single cylinder engine and impressive 17 horsepower output, it means serious business. Lifan is officially available through their only authorized dealership in Pakistan, Rapid Rides.

Lifan kpr200 King Power Racing

King Power Racing or KPR200 brings racing pedigree with it too and includes 17 CRCC championships from 2012. That’s a tall order for a Chinese bike. KPR 200 has a distinctive look, the motorcycle seems like a decent entry level machine with focus on riders comfort and performance. For its size it has amazing performance to offer.

Lifan KPR200
Lifan KPR200

Rapid Rides

Rapid Rides  have brought KPR200 along with other Lifan products to Pakistan and they have very interesting strategy for this bike , according to CEO of Rapid Rides, “We know what our KPR is capable of, it is a bridge between a normal motorcycle and a sports bike. One can hop on to KPR200 and learn what is sports riding along with ease of maintaining and nippy handling. not to mention a great fuel efficiency too.”

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Lifan KPR 200 Specifications

The KPR seems a pretty well equipped motorcycle too, with its beautiful day time running lamps and projector light, it has a nice modern look and every thing is very nicely put together.The over all gadgetry seems up to date and decent quality. It comes with a semi analogue speedo meter with many small features as trip meter, fuel gauge, gear indicator etc. It also has a gear shift light which helps you to shift at peak rpm for max performance.

Lifan KPR200
Lifan KPR200

lifan KPR 200 Performance & Ride quality

The saddle is the most amazing part of KPR 200, with its mild riding posture and well padded seat, city rides or track days every ride will be memorable . The riding posture is very riders friendly , no back aches and no pressure on your palms while riding. The pillion seat is also very well cushioned and well accommodating too.Every thing is very accommodating, be it the handle bars, the foot pegs or seat all are focused to provide a great riding experience.

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Lifan KPR 200 Suspension

The suspension setup on KPR200 is very interesting, its not too harsh neither too soft and the tires are decent too but could have been better, the CST Tires are not as good as KPR is.90/90 Front and 130 section rear tire provides a good grip. Coupled with dual piston caliper disc up front and single piston caliper at rear helps when you need to drop the anchor.


I enjoyed riding the KPR200 during my review and i felt that this motorcycle really loves to be revved hard and kept in its power band. The power delivery is always available on tap and the confidence which one gets while riding it is amazing. This motorcycle should really be tried to get to know it even better.

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