Sunra Electric Motorcycles

SUNRA is a Pakistan based local assembler which is selling e-motorcycle in Pakistan for some good number of years now. They have their factory in suburbs of Karachi and their outlet is at Ocean Mall Karachi as well.

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I happened to visit them and got a chance to share some information amongst our viewers. How ever the motorcycle may seem cool but failed to impress me big time. My criticism is not on its technology and functionality but it is how this bike is put together.

The frame is same as of CG125 which is around since 1970’s while the styling (Fuel tank, side covers, indicators, tail lamp and seat) also screams Honda. The round head lamp, the front suspension and speedometer look inspired from Suzuki GS150. This machine weighs 103kgs and can run up to 60km on a top speed of 70km per hour which is impressive but these 60 kms require 4 hours of charging.

The seating posture was up right but the suspension was really really hard. Breaks were adequate to stop the vehicle but tires were skinny and rims felt Chinese due to excessive chrome and bling.

The manufacturer was very confident in providing after sales support and spare parts but the bike is being retailed for almost 140,000 rupees which is a big amount. While I liked the e bike concept, I would have loved a better platform for this so that we could have a feel how people feel like when they drive a tesla or bolt electric vehicles.

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