“Yamaha YBR125G Night Flou Edition”

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has been in the business for past 03 years in Pakistan. Being the newest entrant at the time, Yamaha had to face many issues initially which were handled nicely and Yamaha managed to break their stigma of being a MILK Man’s bike. They introduced very different motorcycles to Pakistan, a sporty design & a crossover. YBR 125 & YBR 125 G got a great response from depriving Pakistani motorcyclists who were being ripped off on the name of new model by only getting new stickers. Yamaha broke the stereotype of them being old, 2 stroke & average motorcycle manufacturer.

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In April 2017 Yamaha decided to introduced a premium family bike The YB125Z which raised a question at its competitors. YB125Z being technologically ahead and loaded with many use able features like fuel gauge, self-starter, gear position indicator, DC electrical & a balancing shaft is a nice machine which is getting really popular slowly & steadily. In 2018 June Yamaha gave a face lift to its both YBR 125 & YBR 125G. They upgraded the motorcycle engine with a better carb, free flow exhaust & made it more refined. Also they introduced the new Racing Blue color in both models which is popular among the youngsters.

In the previous weeks we have seen Yamaha’s Official social & digital media pages showing different hints that they are coming up with something different. The curiosity was being built by Yamaha & to our good luck the pictures got leaked even before the bike is officially launched. Yamaha has launched a “Limited Edition Special”. Yes! You heard it right, Pakistan’s very first limited edition motorcycle!

We inquired further on this motorcycle and got to know that Yamaha got its inspiration from the MT Series. MT is Yamaha’s naked sports bike series which is Japan’s answer to all other manufacturers. MT series is widely appreciated due to its in your face styling & brutal performance. Now let’s get back to the YBR125G Nightflou. This motorcycle gets “Night Flou” paint which its self is an award winning color of year 2017. The motorcycle gets Acid Yellow decals along with acid yellow Rim Vinyl (presented as a gift from Yamaha). The front fender is black in color (as most of MT series bike) also the side cover gets a matching body color this time. Rest as we know underneath this Night Flou is a 2018 YBR 125 G with all the upgrades like up jetted Carb, a better air filter, a free flow exhaust & a refined engine.

The fact that this is a “Limited Edition Special” and made to celebrate the award winning color “Night Flou” makes it a different motorcycle. Also only 1000 of these bikes will ever be produced. If you plan to get a motorcycle which belongs to only 1000 people out of 200 million people, i suggest you rush to nearest Yamaha dealer before its too late. Don’t forget to claim your gift the “Rim Neon Reflector” from the dealer.

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