Haris awan with his Yamaha YBR125

Yamaha YBR125

When launched in 2015 by Yamaha Motor Pakistan, YBR125 received a lot of applause and mixed reception at the same time, people were happy to receive some good motorcycles but were not quite ready for what Yamaha had to offer. YBR125 was stylish, sporty and very well built but it had some pros and cons to it. I personally own one and i will share my experience with you guys about my Yamaha YBR125.

Before using YBR125, I was using YBR125G and i have experienced many different motorcycles(thanks to my you tube motorcycle review channel for that).I wanted something that was simple,subtle and mature. Something which is not loud and bold as YBR125G due to its off road and cross over styling.I was intended towards CG125 Deluxe but lack of features held me back.After many countless hours of thinking i opted for YBR125 and here are the reasons why.

  • Design


The design of YBR125 is simple and clean, the shape is sporty yet elegant and for someone who has just hit 30, it seems accurate. Sporty and sober at the same time.

  • Smooth Ride Quality

YBR125 actually told people what a comfortable and smooth motorcycle actually is, the balanced chassis and less vibrating engine (thanks to balancer shaft) makes riding YBR125 a charm.One can also tune the suspension as per his personal choice and really enjoy it.

  • Spare Parts & Services Availability

In start Yamaha had to face issues of expensive and scare spare parts availability but after localization , Yamaha has managed to provide spare parts of decent quality in decent price as well. Also Yamaha has many service shops in almost every big city, that too is a plus.

  • Riding Pleasure and Confidence

There is something about my motorcycle which i really like, i like riding it out in mountains and stitching corners with it, i know that i can easily stop it i know that i will manage its fuel, its maintainable cost and all in all i have a great riding pleasure and confidence riding it.



Now! do i recommend it?Yes i do if you’re looking for a decent motorcycle which can do everything in a decent manner at somewhat ongoing price (164k till now)than YBR125 is bike for you

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