Best Motorcycle for Touring in Pakistan

Best Motorcycle for Touring

Adventure is about taking the in appropriate equipment to an entirely in appropriate place and making it work there. When we talk about getting a motorcycle, one thing that comes to or minds is multi-tasking. Our motorcycle should be the best motorcycle for touring and doing every thing which may or may not be possible, let me demonstrate “It should be very fast, It should be very easy on mileage and return 50 KMPL(Kilometers per liter), It should perform well both on and off road and very easy to maintain” but if you are looking for some realistic options that you can purchase and Multi task are as follows.

What are the available options?

YBR125G, CB150F and GR150, All 3 of them are from Japanese manufacturers and have a better repute and availability of after sales services than other Chinese options. These motorcycles vary in power and prices but have some guts which can make them better choices. Lets have a look at each of them to find out which is the best motorcycle for touring.

Yamaha YBR125G

Yamaha YBR125G
2022 Yamaha YBR125G

YBR125G is Yamaha’s cross over, after its launch many people said it’s a trail or endure due to its high front fender but its not! It just can’t keep that endure badge with tiny 125cc commuter-based engine. One can call it a cross over because it is much capable as compared to its two other siblings. The longer front suspension with high mounted fender makes sure that you’re on and off-road travel is easy. The block pattern tires make the grip better and perform good on both surfaces. Lastly the bike has a fiber glass engine guard and fork boots to make sure that nothing harms suspension and engine crank case when going off road.

Suzuki gs150 & 150SE

Suzuki GS150se
2022 Suzuki GS150SE

Suzuki GS150 & GS150SE are most extensively used motorcycles in touring ,Now every one would say that a GS150 should also have been in this list and yes you are right. GS150 is most tested motorcycle by tourers and it can do touring both on and off road. Many people have taken this bike to beyond their limits and proved that it can multi task. Suzuki GS150SE has been discontinued and Simple Spoke rim variant Suzuki GS150 is still available for sale.

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Honda CB150F

Honda CB150F
2022 Honda CB150F

Honda CB150F is considered as a nice option for traveling and touring due to its Honda badge and comfortable riding posture. The bike also gets a very solid luggage rack and wide seat where one can tie luggage and belongings. The suspension can survive off road and ground clearance is enough for moderate level off roading.

Suzuki GR150

Suzuki GR150
2022 Suzuki GR150

GR150 is not behind in this league; I have seen many people traveling on GR and seen a few videos of them doing some serious off road.  Mind you I don’t mean off road like a hard core endure or adventure motorcycle, I m talking about off road surface like sand/gravel and un paved roads.


Above mentioned motorcycles are classified w.r.t cc and prices as well. The better bikes are definitely expensive and each of them is a good option in their league.

Ride safe and while touring , ride real safe!

Best Motorcycles in Pakistan

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