Toyota Corolla 2022 : 12th Generation Pakistan Launch Price and Specs

Toyota Corolla is undoubtedly one of the most successful cars in Pakistan and across the globe. The brand name Corolla is around for many decades and it has testified the test of times. Toyota Corolla is in production since 1960’s and its 12th generation is currently available in many countries. When is this 12th Generation Toyota Corolla being launched in Pakistan and what will be its specs, most important of all what will be new 12th generation Toyota Corolla 2022 price? Lets find out.

Toyota Corolla 2022 12th Generation Pakistan Launch:

There are many rumors in the market that Toyota Indus may skip the launch of 12th Generation Corolla and give a minor refresh to existing Toyota Corolla X. But realistically after the increasing competition from Honda, Hyundai, Proton and Changan now Toyota Indus really need to keep their cars up to dated. The launch of 12th Generation Corolla is expected later in December 2022. This launch will increase a more positive competition in the market and Toyota fans will have a new corolla to brag about.

12th Generation Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2022 12th Generation Spec:

The 12th Generation Corolla is an aggressive car in first look, it also feels bigger, wider and more roomier this time. Apart from standard cosmetic changes, noticeable differences can be seen at front and rear end of the car. In interior the Corolla also gets some upgrades, it gets a new designed dash board with modern back lit toggle switches and control panels. It is also updated in terms of seat design and over all refinement. All of these changes mean extra weight and Toyota has also updated the engine. The new Corolla gets a 1.8L engine (2 ZRFAE) with some tweaks which help it make 140 horsepower and 180 nm to toque.

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Toyota Corolla 2022 12th Generation Price:

The biggest factor o pick and choose any vehicle in Pakistan is its price tag, though Toyota Indus has not revealed any numbers yet but we have observed the price trend with Honda Civic 2022 variant. Civic and Corolla are common rivals and they are priced very closely. The enthusiasts are expecting 12th Generation Toyota Corolla to be priced around 8 million rupees. Cars are expensive these days!

Toyota Corolla 2022


Toyota Corolla is no doubt one of the best and reliable cars in the world but also known as symbol of status and success in Pakistan. The car has a following like no other car across Pakistan. People love to drive and brag about their corollas. For 8 million , 12th Generation Corolla is not much of a Car. Prices should be lowered so more sales can be bagged. Toyota Indus motors should not skip this generation because its the coolest of all. Globally the 12th Generation Corolla will be available around 2024 now lets see when it reaches Pakistan!

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