Jolta Electric launches new electric bikes in pakistan

Jolta Electric, a Pakistani startup for Electric bikes has launched two new variants of it’s electric bikes in Pakistan which are equvilant of 70 and 100cc bikes.Lets find out Jolta Electric bikes specs , features and price .

Jolta electric bikes specs in Pakistan:

Jolta Electric has improved it’s motorcycles in terms of hard ware since they were launched in start. Jolta Electric is now using Lithium ion batteries which not only charge faster but also provide a good back up time. Also lithium ion batteries are much more reliable and long lasting than regular lead acid or dry cell batteries.

Jolta Electric JE 70 L

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The new Jolta Electric variants are equal to 70 and 100cc. The JE70-L gets a 1000 watts motor which gets charged in about 3 hours and can work for 90kms with a top speed of 65kmph. The 100cc one gets a 1500 watt motor with extended range and top speed.

Jolta Electric bike JE100-L

jolta electric bikes features in Pakistan:

The Jolta Electric lack features badly. Just like other vehicles in Pakistan they are also not up to the mark. Sad to say our motorcycles are out dated in terms of looks,specs and features. So is Jolta Electric bikes. No modern looks and features are utilized while making these electric bikes.

jolta electric bikes price in Pakistan:

Jolta Electric was the first company to sell electric bikes made (assembled to some extent ) in Pakistan. The enthusiasts gave a great response and purchased the electric bikes even though they were still expensive at that time. Jolta has sold more than 10,000 electric bikes so far and their new variants cost around 172,000 for JE70-L and 192,000 for JE100-L. These are some highly over priced motorcycles.


We do not come across many new motorcycles in Pakistan. Jolta Electric is also among few companies who are working in a niche here. But they’re banging against the wall. Selling over priced old tech motorcycles in a country where electricity shortage is no joke, good luck to them.

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