10,000 Jolta Electric Bikes Sold in Pakistan

Jolta Electric is Pakistan’s first locally developed electric bike and recently they announced that 10,000 units have been sold over the span of last year. Considering the tough market and competition, this is a huge success for Jolta Electric in my books at least.

Jolta Electric started its operations with customizing the most common motorcycle in Pakistan that is a 70cc. Jolta Electric introduced their product with an electric hub motor and battery pack installed in place of engine.

According to Jolta Electric the Jolta E bike is a lot safer to environment and economical to a general consumer than a conventional gasoline powered vehicle. The Ebike is simple in looks and mechanicals are shared with the locally manufactured 70cc bikes. Hence parts are easy to change and are affordable too.

Unlike other parts of the world where the infrastructure is more convenient for electric vehicles our market is very tough, we still do not have electric charging stations in Pakistan and general acceptability is less. Combined with a higher sale price, Jolta Electric has really one well and we appreciate them!

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