How to prepare Suzuki GS150 for touring featuring Routaurus

Suzuki GS150 is an excellent motorcycle which is locally manufactured and its most loved motorcycle amongst the tourists as well but it needs some love to prepare a Suzuki GS150 into a tour ready Suzuki GS150. Our friends at Routaurus have done a great job doing this and here is how you can do the same!

The first thing which any one should do is change the stock front fender of his Suzuki GS150. The reason being you will need clearance once you go off road and the fender may touch the tires. Also you will need to up grade the tires to a bigger size (depending upon your needs) so you need clearance too.

The second thing should be the tires, Even though the new models are coming with good quality block pattern tires but usually it is recommended to have a tube less tire or a bigger pattern for better road grip so choosing a good quality tire is a must.

The third thing is fixing the slippery seat of Suzuki GS150, The Suzuki GS150 really needs a better seat , one can fix it with a breathable mesh seat cover which makes it more comfortable and less slippery to ride.

The forth thing is fixing the lights by using better wiring, better headlamp and auxiliary lights. Better wiring is required to run on board mobile phone charger and other auxiliary lights. Its also recommended to upgrade your fuse box to a better one and avoid any trouble.

Lastly, Suzuki GS150 needs to be improved esthetically, the motorcycle is old school but looks can be improved, Adding a wind shield, hand guards and safe guards with side boxes not only makes it look more adventure and tour ready but also makes tours safe and comfortable.

How will you prepare you Suzuki GS150 for tours? Do let us know what and how you will do it!

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