Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CG125

Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CG125

Though this is an odd comparison but is Suzuki GSX125 better than Honda CG125? This is one of the basic comparisons which Pakistani motorcycle enthusiasts do. Even though Suzuki GSX125 is a modern commuter motorcycle and Honda CG125 is a classic old school commuter motorcycle. Still the question remains, Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CG125.

Suzuki GSX125 & Honda CG125 Engine Specs:

There are two common engine types in local motorcycles, OHV and OHC. The Honda CG125 is based on Overhead valves engine type and it has some distinct characteristics because of that. The Honda CG125 produces 12hp and its an old school engine. It produces power on lower and mid range rpms but it also produces a lot of vibrations too.

Suzuki GS125Q
Suzuki GSX125

On the other hand Suzuki GSX125 is an Overhead cam shaft based engine which has a smooth and linear power delivery. OHC engines are smooth because they are well balanced and refined for commuting duties. The OHC engines are low on performance, GSX125 produces 10.5 hp but it is smooth and quite engine.

Honda CG125 2023
Honda CG125

Suzuki GSX125 & Honda CG125 Riding Ergonomics:

This is the part where Suzuki GSX15 and Honda CG125 are way apart, its where the difference is evident. Suzuki GSX125 is designed and manufactured for modern day commuting while the CG125 was designed for 1970’s and its still being manufactured for today. The Honda CG125 has an upright and uncomfortable riding posture with lack of rider support and comfort features. The GSX125 on the other hand has much smoother engine, riding ergonomics, better and comfortable suspension. On top of all its a more well built motorcycle than Honda.

Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CG125

Suzuki GSX125 & Honda CG125 Price Difference:

Like we always say, Price is the biggest influencer when it comes to make a purchase. The tentative price for Suzuki GSX125 is estimated around 360,000 while Honda CG125 is priced at 180,000 rupees. Even if CG125SE is compared with CG125, Its price is 210,000 and its a huge difference. The features difference is obvious but still price difference is big enough to make consideration while making purchase decision.

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