2021 or 2022 Which Yamaha YBR125G Graphic is Better?

Yamaha YBR125G isn’t changed mechanically so lets just say how are new graphics?

We all know that when it comes to launching new versions, motorcycle manufacturers do not priorities mechanical upgrades. They always follow the rule of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Despite the fact that this policy has had a significant impact on how they conduct business in this country.

Yamaha has just released the 2022 version of the YBR125G, which features merely a new visual. The new visuals drew a comparison between the old and new designs from motorbike fans.

2021 Yamaha YBR125G
2022 Yamaha YBR125G
2022 Yamaha YBR125G

Many individuals claim that the former variant’s neon/yellow color impact made the black color more aggressive, but the new black color is less aggressive and apparent. Personally, I think the previous design was more assertive and appealing than the new one!

Please share your thoughts on this comparison!

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