A Motorbike rider turning his chopper bike while driving

Why Car guys hate motorcyclists?

Motorcyclists and motorcycles have never got the respect which they deserve. No matter you ride a motorcycle worthy of 50k or 500k, you will always be looked from a same perspective.I am a car guy and a biker both at the same time and I think i could share why the hate element is there.


Lack of Helmets:

Most motorcyclists are seen riding with out using helmet which is the basic key element of safety. Helmet maximizes the head safety and we all know that head injury can be fatal. This lack of seriousness creates a bad image in eyes of car guys.

No Rear View Mirrors:

The lack of rear view mirrors causes major issues when bikers and car guys share the road. Almost 90 percent of the bikers don’t use rear view mirrors. They remove them because people don’t know their importance and find it not so cool but they are like eyes in back of their head.

No Lane Discipline:

We all will agree that most motorcyclists are not aware of lane discipline and they usually jump lanes with out looking left or right. They’re not aware of traffic coming behind them and they can cause issues for others around them.

No Indication and use of indicators:

Most bikers do not maintain their motorcycles, they don’t keep blinkers and other lights in working condition. The only light usually we see working is head lamp. No indication before lane changes can cause accidents.

Lack of Motorcycle riding institutes:

All of us have learnt riding motorcycles from our father, uncle,elder brother or some friend. There are not much motorcycle riding training institutes in Pakistan where one can be certified as a trained motorcycle user. This lack of seriousness from the government and society is very dangerous. The handful institutes of motorcycle riding training are like needle in hay stack, very difficult to find and can not tackle the outnumbered two wheeler on our roads.

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