Budget Motorbikes available in pakistan

Best Touring Motorcycle on a budget in Pakistan

Budget constraints have broken more hearts than anything. These constraints put us in a situation where we have to manage our resources to make things work.Today I will share 5 motorcycles which one can get on a budget.These motorcycles vary from 100 cc to 250 cc.

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Atlas Honda Pridor:

Pridor is the only decent option available in 100 cc from a reputed manufacturer and its price has crossed 6 digits now but one can find a used pridor in good condition ranging from 55 to 80 thousand rupees. This motorcycle is capable of doing small trips and daily riding with ease.

Yamaha YBR 125 G:

Yamaha YBR125G is the motorcycle which started the motorcycle touring scenes in Pakistan, People would pack up their bags and visit places. This is too much trending these days and it is a good thing for Pakistan to promote tourism. Yamaha its self is promoting tourism as well. One can get a  decent used YBRG in 100k if he is really looking. Otherwise under 115k a decent clean and worthy YBR125G is not an issue.

Suzuki GS 150:

Ask any veteran motorcycle rider about the ultimate choice of touring motorcycle and he will chant GS 150 with his eyes closed. Suzuki Pakistan usually do not focus on motorcycles and sell cars with their heart n soul but GS150 is very famous around the traveler community. New one costs around 200k but a decent one can be traced from 100k till 150k.


Now it may sound odd buy KPR 200 has a very up right sitting posture which makes it more convenient and easy on longer rides. Its similar as of CBR250 and its famous for the touring abilities. KPR 200 can be found in good condition starting from 190k and above.

Zongshen RX 3:

Very few chinese brands have built their reputation which could come close to Japanese brands. Zongshen is one of those who have built a strong reputation and evolved as O.E.M (Original equipment manufacturer) supplier for many Japanese brands. A new RX 3 costs around 500k these days and used ones could be traced from 350k and above.

These five motorcycles are on top of our list and would be our choices if we had to tour around the country.

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