How to break in your motorcycle?

Breaking in any engine means seating the piston rings with cylinder walls to make a tight fitting which can hold the compression and not let any gases leak. I have made it sound very difficult, let me explain.


Motorcycle engine runs on compression, the piston moves up and compresses the mixture, its then burnt by spark from spark plug and it makes the motorcycle move.If the piston rings are not up to the task, the compression looses and oil comes into chamber which results in smoke from a 4 stroke engine.

So now we know that break in is important, now whats the purpose of breaking in a motorcycle? Well thats a very long debate able topic. Its as bigger topic as the hen came first or the egg???Well there are two types of engine break in lets find out in more detail.

Gentle Engine Break in:

While buying a new bike, the owners manual and showroom representative always says these few sentences,”Please ride gently for first 1000 kms, after that change the oil do tuning and than you can speed up”. Gentle engine break in involves riding with very smooth throttle action and slowly increasing speed up to 50 kmph and engaging all gears. Frequent rest is also recommended after 30 to 40 kms of riding.

Brutal Engine Break in: 

When you ignore the advice of manual and showroom representative and ring the throttle hard, ignoring all the speed limits is called Brutal Engine Break In. Both of these methods are done to make the piston rings seated to cylinder walls.


Which one to conduct:

Thats a topic which usually does not ends well, I have seen people fighting over this. There is no defined rule of thumb about which one to conduct and which not. Usually the best possible way is to be moderate. Ride gently and then give a burst of acceleration for some time and again slow down.Be nice and easy on throttle and use all the gears. Don’t forget to keep the engine stress free and not under high revs all the time.

Hope this article helps you with breaking in of your motorcycle!


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