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Eight things you must check before every motorcycle ride

Motorcycles are like men , they’re sensitive from inside but from outside they are hardcore and macho looking. Like most men most motorcycles don’t say what they are going through so one has to dig in a little to find more. Apart from regular maintenance, some pre ride checks if followed at least once a week can help a lot with the health of motorcycle and wealth of yours.

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A  Air:

Air is the most vital element in the universe, we can’t breath and engine don’t fire up with out air too. Air is used in tires to make ride more comfortable. If a tire is flat, you ain’t going no where but to tire shop.

B, Bars:

You’re free once you are behind the bars of your motorcycle, press the front and rear brakes and push your motorcycle forward and backwards to know the working of brakes. Also move handle from lock to lock and see if there is any hurdle.

C, Controls:

Check the toggle switches and all the blinkers if they’re working properly or not.

D, Drive Train:

Most motorcycles use chain as their drive system. Check for its slack and if you find it dry, oil it .

E, Earth:

Check for the space underneath the motorcycle,if its wet with petrol leaking or oil is leaking, you are in trouble.If not you’re good to go!

F, Fastener:

Start your bike and let it warm up. In the mean while start cleaning it and I bet that you will find many loose bolts which may be loosen up because of vibrations.Tight em.

G, Guy:

Now the most important thing the Guy who has to ride the machine , is he tired?or is he in some drunk state?stay away from motorcycle if you’re not in healthy state.


H, Helmet:

You’re the knight and knights wear the crown so don’t forget to wear yours while you ride on your metal horse!

We hope these checks really help and make the motorcycle community aware of being safer!

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