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Top five reasons why motorcycle travelers visit Pakistan?

Motorcycle tourism is a growing trend in Pakistan, not only citizens of Pakistan but foreign motorcycle tourists are also visiting Pakistan.Lonely planet termed Pakistan as upcoming tourism heaven back in 2010 and I guess they were right.The British Back  Packer Society said that Pakistan is world’s top most adventure tourism destination  describing the country as “one of the friendliest countries on earth, with mountain scenery that is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.”

Here are 5 top reasons why motorcycle travelers visit Pakistan.


Nature’s Best Kept Secret:Pakistan is one of the best kept secrets of mother nature, the country is blessed with rivers,deserts,plains and mountains.The versatility of landmarks and scenery is diversified and divine.


Amazing People:The most amazing people who will help you with out knowing who you are and where you’re from are Pakistanis. They will never mind to push your broken motorcycle to a nearest repair shop and offering you a cup of Karak Chaye (Strong Tea) to freshen you up!


The Amazing Scenery:The Mother nature has been very kind to Pakistan, blessing the lucky country with amazing landscapes from ruins of Mohanjodaro and Harappa to Himalayas. The tourists will never regret visiting Pakistan because the scenery is diversified and always changing. Getting even better than it was.

No Language Issue:Language is not an issue when it comes to Pakistan, almost every one understands English if they can not speak. But the probability of being stuck because of language barrier is very less.Basic words, directions and other things can easily be understood as local language Urdu has many words of English in it.

Cost effective:Travelling in Pakistan is one of the most cost effective travelling one can do. The country is cheap when it comes to the money standards. Usually no one accepts money from any foreign traveler as they term them as Guests and guests are considered very noble in Pakistani culture.

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