Suzuki GSX S125

Recently Pak Suzuki displayed Suzuki GSX125 in Pakistan Autoshow 2022. The motorcycle received a mixed reception but it still left motorcycle enthusiast wanting more.

The reason for that is lack of power, the GSX displayed was a normal air cooled engine, motorcycle was just a commuter under the sporty body. Its power figures were less as compared to it’s weight.

The GSX S how ever is a different story , this motorcycle is very sporty, not in looks but also in the perform. Based on the GSXR platform the motorcycle makes 15 hp and weighs 135 kgs.

The motorcycle gets a water cooled performance engine with six speed gear box and sports suspension.All of these things translate into 4400 pounds (11 lakh pkr approx)

The reason why this 125 wasn’t displayed or planned to launch is the inflation and devaluation of our local currency.These factors are having bad impact on our economy and industry.

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