One wheeling will not be permitted at any cost!

Workshops and bike technicians have been warned by Lahore Traffic Police against making any alterations today, according to the police, who also added that in the event of a violation, a police case will be opened against both the mechanic and the bike owner.

On August 14, 2022, the Lahore Traffic Police has announced very strong action against one-wheelers. The City Traffic Police said in a statement that they have begun taking steps to prevent bike one-wheeling on Independence Day.

The cops warned, “Don’t turn happiness at your liberty into grief.” Additionally, the police are compiling a list of previous wheeling offenders. The statement read, “Parents should play a proactive role in addressing this issue.”

On the eve of August 14th, one wheeling will not be permitted at any cost, according to the police. The City Traffic Police said in another post that the death of a one-wheeler was also the fault of the driver’s parents and mechanic. CTO Lahore Muntazir Mehdi pleaded with people to aid in lifesaving.

On this Sunday, August 14, which falls on the yearly calendar, many young people go one-wheeling. This threat kills people every year, but it still exists. Police make appeals to bikes every year to refrain from this behavior, but they are ineffective.

One-wheeling results in traffic infractions, complications for other commuters, and, most importantly, direct threat to life. Additionally, such bikes prevent families from travelling on the roadways on days like August 14. Despite the police’s considerable efforts to stop it, there are still bikers who commit one wheeling.

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