A motorcycle is being hit by a car hit the motorbike bike on the road

Why bikers hate car guys?

They say one should see both sides of the picture and should know both stories before coming to a conclusion. We will look into some reasons why bikers hate the car guys. The dog fight among cars and bikes is not new, since both of these share the road, their love and hate relation is also a common sight.

Driving with closed or folded rear view mirrors:

I am not going to be biased but we daily see many car guys driving their cars and changing lanes with side view mirrors closed (or broken) and all of us will agree that driving with out left driver side mirror is very difficult. Lack of mirror and switching lanes can be fatal.

Not sharing the road with Bikers:

In Pakistan a motorcyclist does not gets the attention and respect that he deserves unless he is riding a super bike. Road is meant to be shared with other vehicles and drivers. This phenomenon can be seen in Pakistan where road rage is usually being played on every other road.

Not looking enough:

Car guys are trapped by Blind spots, they are the spots when a car guy can not identify the vehicle coming behind him. Usually these blind spots cause accidents and because motorcycles are compact vehicles, the tendency of being blocked off in a blind spot is higher than others.

Lack of patience:

Our roads and streets are very busy and chaotic, driving there is not easy and people loose their patience. Usually people are seen fighting which is not appreciable.We should learn to stop on the red signal and just be a lil more patient till the signal goes green and every one could go happily.


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