Honda CG125

Honda CG125

We all like motorcycles, no matter what shape and sizes they maybe. The motorcycle in question today is undoubtedly the gangster on our roads,m talking about none other but CG125.

Honda CG125 enjoys a larger than life image in Pakistan but it is classic example of sticking to basics and ignoring to move on.The motorcycle market of developing countries started increasing rapidly in 70’s and by that time Honda was exporting its C70,C90 & CB100 which had a 4stroke Overhead Cam shaft engine mechanism but the competition was really tough. The market was ruled by 2stroke 100 cc motorcycles which were considered to be decent and had a really good brand image. Yamaha ,Suzuki and Kawasaki were doing great in 100cc category and the opportunity was very narrow for Honda.

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Honda really wanted a piece of the pie,they had to improwise and do something but developing a new motorcycle with out knowing the needs of end consumers would be really difficult. Honda asks its two engineers to travel around developing countries like Indonesia,malaysia,thiland,phillipines,iran and Pakistan to study the general behavior of motorcycle users so they can make a specific product.People here used motorcycles brutally and demanded a bullet proof reliability from them.

Having studied the motorcycle market they went back and had key points in mind, Bullet proof reliability, Cheap and reliable, Affordable and easily maintainable.They needed a simple design and most importantly an engine which would need a TNT bomb to detonate it. The Overhead cam shaft engines were smooth but they required strict maintainance schedule, keeping the same foundation, they developed a push road overhead vales system 125cc engine which is till date the best 125cc motor.Cheap reliable and bullet proof it was.

Making an engine is one thing, now they need something to put this motor, they searched for many frames but later settled for CB125 frame(OHC Engine conterpart)This frame was very compact and light weight, the result was a quick and hard core 125cc motorcycle and they named it the CG125!A new era of fan following had just began.

In Pakistan the early models were imported as CBU(Completely built units) and sold on different dealerships across Pakistan by Atlas Autos. They later signed a contract and formed a joint venture company which is known as Atlas Honda limited and started manufacturing these motorcycles overhere. In 1992, they developed first CG125 locally and it is in production till date. The updates and design improvements have been very minimal but the sales have never been declined,This two wheeler is loved all across Pakistan and it will be loved for a long time to come!

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