Faw vpx Van parket outside home with fogg lights swithed on

FAW XPV VAN ! A disappointment or a good decision?

A boy never forgets two things, a girl which comes in his life and the car which he gets his hands for the first time. I have same sentiments for this van because its the first vehicle which i got my hands on. Allocated to me from my office as my daily mode of commute and transportation, FAW XPV remained with me till 28 thousand kilometers and after that I had been transferred to Karachi. My lovely and lovingly kept vehicle was no more with me! After a year I was re transfered back to Rawalpindi where my XPV was waiting for me but she had grown old, She had over 80k kms on the clock and she was showing signs of hardship and abuse she had to face!

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The vehicle was not involved in any major engine overhaul under my ownership till 28 thousand kilometers but in my absence, the van had undergone a major overhaul. The clutch plates and pressure plates were totaled and they needed replacements. After 50 thousand kilometers the timing belt snapped and caused damage to vital engine internals! another engine overhaul was on its way!

Around 80 thousand kilometers the belt snapped again and she again had a transplant but by that time I was back with her!We used the best possible parts and mechanics which turned no stone un turned and my van was back in action, after engine break in and running we changed its fluids and tuned the engine and boy oh boy she is a blast to drive!

By now you have known all the HIGHS and LOWS which we have had in the past, now let me tell you how is she as a vehicle! Time to put my sentiments aside!!

The van looks basic but cool in a certain way, unless like Suzuki Carry she has a character,the front headlamps are okayish but more powerful lights would have been better,the interior feels plasticy and at times it sucks!! M sorry for my words but its coming straight out of my heart!! The best part of van is its engine, Powering it is a 1000cc 60hp inline 4 cylinder engine which is EFI and mated to a 5 speed gear box.Engine is similar to Suzuki F10A and has loads of torque but poor fuel efficiency, I never got more than 12kms per liter. The suspension is bit fragile but the breaks are really good. It uses a disc and drum combo.After replacing chinese tires with dunlop,she really showed that i got my dancing shoes on now!! Over all this van is fun but it could have been even more fun to drive with better suspension better noise insulation and over all fit n finish levels could have been better.

The current state of my van is the most like able condition of her! i painted her front grill black and added LED strip lights. For rims i sprayed the stock rims black and voila! The transformation was not much but it really looked cool and murdered out! Pindi Boy Style!


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