Pak Moto Vlogs Imrpressions about Honda Motorcycles in Pakistan


PakMotovlogs is a reputed motovloging channel from Islamabad Pakistan and its run by a senior biker Naeem Khan who is well versed from motorcycles. Naeem Khan has a following among many and he is known as a Honda fan because he has too many of them.

In a recent video Naeem Khan shares that he had purchased CB125F as a new commuter motorcycle on recommendation of a dear friend but the motorcycle failed to impress him. After buying, he noticed a quality issue and a mechanical flaw which made him dis heart and he returned the motorcycle after riding a few kilometers.

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Naeem Khan shared his detailed views in a video but I personally think that he got too emotional, such issues are very common and they occur in 1 out of 100 motorcycles due too human negligence.

Whats going to be his next machine? Comment down your guesses!

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