A poster of Book guide of motobikes also called as Manual or Booklet


What information do you get from hand book of your motorcycle?

Things we should not ignore

In Pakistan people are always discussing and asking basic questions about their motorcycles, like what is the service limit of air filter, what is the recommended tire pressure and what not. Discussing is a good thing but such small information is shared by motorcycle manufacturer in owners manual.

Lets find out in detail what kind of manuals are shared by the manufacturer and what information they have.

Product Manual

Installation Manual

Operations Manual

Product Manual:

Product Manual is also known as Instruction Manual because it has all the information about the product its self and supporting accessories or features of product like how much air pressure is required,how much engine oil is required etc.

Installation Manual:

Installation Manual has information about how to set up the product, for instance in case of Completely knock down or imported motorcycle, how to assemble your motorcycle will be mentioned in the installation manual.

Operations Manual:

Operations manual has information related to operations of the product like pre delivery inspections, pre riding inspections and things related to technical & mechanical operations of the product.

These are the basic types of manuals, but why are they important? The main reasons are following.

Manuals are the universal documents which can be easily understandable by any customer and with a manual companies set a standard for their vehicle regarding its operations and servicing.

The owners manuals not only provide first hand information about the product, they also provide the information about its common maintenance,service intervals and some standardized equipment and service limits.

Have you ever read the owners manual of your vehicle? Let us know in comments

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