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How to stop your motorcycle effectively from high speeds

Motorcycles are fast and fun but when it comes to sudden stopping from high speeds, its a skill which should be learnt.Motorcycles are not safe in high speeds when one has to make a sudden stop.

In this regard one must under stand that their are three types of braking and the best way to stop is using all of these together at once.

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Rear Brake Only:

Using the rear brake only usually causes motorcycle rear tire to lock and skid, it takes a longer stopping distance and it is dangerous because motorcycle tends to slide.

Front Brake Only:

Front brake is more effective in sudden stopping cases but the hazard of tank slapper and falling is there, modern motorcycles having hydraulic brakes have a better stopping distance as compared to old drum breaks.

Using both brakes:

The best and safest way to stop is to use both brakes,the ratio of using front brake is more as compared to the rear brake. Also not using the clutch provides engine brake and it also aids in safe stopping.

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