Yamaha increases prices by 6000 rupees

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has increased its prices by  5 to 6000 rupees due to recent depreciation in Pakistani currency and poor market conditions due to Covid 19. This news was brought to us by Express Tribune a day before yesterday.

Express Tribune interviewed the Chairman of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers association Mr Sabir Sheikh and he said that This price hike is because of recent devaluation on Pak rupee, it has jumped to 168 from 154 and because of Covid 19 Yamaha is only working with 25 % of employees, This increases the production cost and makes it expensive.Yamaha is working with strict SOP’s in these conditions. Mr Sabir Sheikh also added that Yamaha Motorcycles consist of imported parts and that is the reason the price hike was inevitable. 

The New Yamaha prices are

YBR125G 178,000

YBR125 169,000

YB125Z 151,000

(These prices are applicable from 1st of JULY 2020)

Its not only Yamaha but almost every company is disturbed due to this Covid 19 situation, even though the lockdown is flexible for 5 days a week but the business activities are yet to be resumed properly. Many other chinese firms have also increased their prices by 2000 rupees on different motorcycles. We yet have to hear from Honda and Suzuki about their new prices.However no official notification has been issued by Yamaha yet in this regard.

Lets hope the situation gets better and things start prospering for us motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan, Otherwise buying a motorcycle is turning into luxury.

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