Honda Increases its prices by 10,000 rupees!

Atlas Honda has increased 10,000 rupees on CB125F and CB125FSE while an increase of 20,000 is seen in case of CB150F. These prices will be enforced from 1st of July 2020.

Atlas Honda’s prices were leaked on social media yesterday and this was after Yamaha prices were also leaked on social media.

The price hike on CB125F & CB125FSE is around 10,000 which is too much as compared to Yamaha YBR125 as these two are major rivals in 125cc class. CB125F are already having a tough time in 125cc class because its been cannibalized from its own brand CG125 in this domain.

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Lets hope there is an end to this price hike game because it feels like motorcycles are now going to become a luxury!

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