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An Old Motorcycle Company to re-enter Pakistan’s 2 Wheeler Market

Its not a favorable time to invest in any business or have a new start up but DYL is about to make a comeback in Pakistan’s 2 Wheeler market. Formerly known as Dawood Yamaha is not a new name in motorcycle industry of Pakistan and have experience of decades when it comes to motorcycles.

DYL(Now known as DAWOOD YOUNAS Ltd) split up with Yamaha in around 2010 when they launched DYL YD70. This Honda CD70 look alike was very popular among motorcycle dealers and users as Yamaha’s 70CC Motorcycle and sold very well. Company also launched 100 and 125cc Motorcycles in past by the name of DYL Mini100 and YD125 Sports but they were not popular as DHOOM 70cc.


DYL has its production facilities in Balochistan (HUB & UTHAL)Even though its HUB facility was working and producing a limited number of DYL DHOOM but recently its plants in UTHAL are inaugurated by the deputy commissioner of Lasbela. Mr Younas Dawood and his comrades were also with him at the time of inauguration.

The Motorcycle Dealers have an opinion that DYL is again set to start the business as it was doing in the past. DYL declared bankruptcy in the past and stopped its businesses across Pakistan, this led to many financial issues and problems for the stake holders and share holders.

Pakistan’s Motorcycle industry is very much deprived and the inflation has made buying motorcycle more of a luxury than necessity, lets hope DYL start making quality motorcycles which are not shy of good quality and features.


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