Most selling motorcycle in Pakistan & Why

AHL was established in 1962 by Joint Venture of Atlas Autos and Honda Motor Co, the surprising thing is that Honda Motor Co was only 15 years old by that time (Est 1948) so there must be something. What is the secret to AHL’s success than? Atlas Honda Limited is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan with the strongest brand value and highest customer loyalty.

The Company is considered a pioneer of motorcycle industry in the country and has been leading two-wheeler market successfully for over 50 years. From past few years AHL motorcycles are getting expensive and becoming over priced now but still the sales are not resulting in any decline.

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AHL customers are mostly middle class and working class but the question is not that how do they manage but it is that why do they still buy Honda? Well I have five answers to that.

  1. Brand Awareness:

Who is the second man to the moon? Have you heard its name or do you know which country he belonged to? No, because no one remembers. Atlas Honda or Honda in Pakistan is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer. There was a time when Triumphs and many other British motorcycles used to run on our streets but Honda slowly crafted its way in this hard skin. In Japanese motorcycle manufacturers Honda has the most brand awareness in Pakistan.

  1. Build Quality & Convenience:

AHL deserves an applause for one reason and that is the availability of spare parts and dealers’ network, they have most vast dealer network of almost all manufacturers in Pakistan. The spare parts are relatively easier to purchase and the availability is also easier than competition. AHL also has a decent quality of manufacturing and that’s the reason why its motorcycles survive in Pakistan. We are a country who abuse motorcycles a lot.Mos

  1. Value for money & Re sale:

We live in a country where people think of re sale before buying a product and consult an illiterate mechanic to make any purchase regarding automobile. In such typical society Honda has managed one key feature or may I say the trump card under its sleeve and that is Value for money & re sale. Honda bikes are considered as most Value for money and most easy to re sell in the market. On top of that they old their value very well.

  1. Diversity:

AHL has a wide variety for every monetary class in Pakistan, for middle class they have more economical 70 & 100 cc, for others they have 5 options in 125cc. Now they also have 150 and 250 cc motorcycles. They even provide higher capacity motorcycles on demand to different institutes. A wide product range means a lot of audience to cater.

  1. Consistency & Evolution:

Up till one-point AHL was playing with different engine capacities and shapes of motorcycles in Pakistan, looking for that one motorcycle which will cut through and provide AHL with the space it needs. They had 50cc,90cc,110cc and some 100cc 2strokes in past but eventually they found two motorcycles CD70 & CG125 which was all they needed to shine and they did. When others were busy with their 2stroke motorcycles AHL had gone 4stroke and now look around 2strokes are long gone.


I will conclude by saying that AHL may have a bad reputation among some percentage of motorcycle users that its products are overpriced, old and lack features but AHL has developed its market in rural based market where it is not easy to penetrate but if you do, you are there for a very long time to come.


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