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Effects of Covid 19 on Motorcycling in Pakistan

Motorcycling is always a great escape from the issues of life and an ideal demonstration of Social distancing. A biker is usually riding alone and he is more at distance as compared to others around them. The motorcycle riding is very much effected due to Covid 19 and blooming motorcycle tourism in Pakistan is at risk.

Usually spring season is the ideal motorcycling season in Pakistan, Winters have just gone and the weather is very nice, warm and cozy. People start packing their bag packs and making plans with their friends about go to travel destinations. For many of us the most talked about go to list is Khunjrab pass & Pak China border.

Covid 19 effects on motorcycling in Pakistan

Sadly we just went into lock down at the start of this spring season, the tourism industry and people associated with it were effected badly. Many people living up north are associated with tourism when it comes to bread n butter for their families. Tourism is a great economic activity and it not only helps in exploration but also helps in improving the economy.

Many of us have not seen this pandemic in our life before and that is the reason we are being struck so hard. Many people are going through a mental and physical trauma. Many people are still willing to pick up their motorcycles and go out riding but the rides from now on will never be the same.It is said that now we need to reshape our lives with this pandemic and try to maintain the pace which we had before this pandemic.

Covid 19 effects on motorcycling in Pakistan

Ideal situation is to stay home, it is better to be safe than sorry but we realize that it is not possible for a human being to stay inside for a long time. If you are fed up of sitting at home and want to go out riding with your friends, you should follow these few steps.

No Pillion Rides:

If riding is necessary,make sure that everyone rides their own motorcycle and no more pillion rides. Being socially close increases the risk of being effected.

Precautions a must:

The relaxation in pandemic does not mean that its over! One has to be careful and maintain the precautions as well. Though bikers are very safe because they’re usually wearing gloves and helmets but still prevention is better than cure.

Ride a part

Humans are social animals and like to socialize a lot.When ever you reach your destination, make sure to keep the social distance and avoid getting un necessarily closure.

Look for local orders

The most important thing is to abide by the rules of local governments and their rules. The rules may differ from area to area as per the condition of Covid-19.

Covid 19 has really changed the way we used to live our lives, this pandemic has made us realize how un appreciated many things were, the freedom of riding was also one of those things!

Stay safe, ride long ! 🙂

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