What if Suzuki relaunches the MEHRAN

In recent past Pak Suzuki had discontinued its most selling car commonly known as Suzuki Mehran. The car was actually a second generation Alto and it was actually launched for 4 years in international markets but because of its simplicity and ease of maintenance, it stayed for more than 35 years in Pakistan.

With the launch of new vehicles and strict Govt policies, Suzuki had to unwantedly discontinue the Mehran and launched its replacement Suzuki Alto (Eight generation) Which is now available in VX, VXR and VXL AGS variants. As the inflation has increased rapidly in Pakistan so is the prices of Suzuki Alto. An entry level variant costs more than 1.5 million on road and top of the line variant costs nearly 2 million.

This made the old car prices very high and people are now having a hard time selecting what to buy and when to buy. Many people are thinking what if Suzuki re launches the MEHRAN but with modern features. In this search we came across the Chinese cousin of Suzuki Mehran the JIANGNAG TT.

The TT is every thing we wanted in our Mehran It has a stylish interior with good quality materials and comes equipped with creature comforts like Ac, power steering, power mirrors and power windows. For safety it has retractable seat belts and airbags while to address the comfort issue, it has coil spring suspension instead of decades old leaf spring.

The looks of TT are still the same as of Mehran but the car looks more subtle, like it has received a face lift and looks more adequate. It is estimated that the TT  will cost around 250 to 350k in todays money if relaunched in Pakistan but since the New Govt has imposed ban on imports, it is just another dream of ours!

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