How to maintain Motorcycle Tyres

Almost 80% of Pakistan’s population uses motorcycles for their commutes. A motorcycle does many things in Pakistan. Its over loaded in terms of weighing capacity and abused due to poor road conditions. Tyre wear is very common but still Tyre life can be enhanced if followings are kept in mind.

Air Pressure:

Always check for air pressure before every ride and get it refilled after every 02 weeks. A motorcycle Tyre with un even air pressure can really cause damage and discomfort while riding. Also it can cost more fuel and can be dangerous for one’s health.

Washing the tyres: 

Tyres should be washed every time a motorcycle is serviced. A clean tyre helps in inspection and aesthetically looks good. Also the chances of skidding increase when the tyre is dirty. Tyres also get really hot while riding. Its better to let them cool for a while and than wash them.

Visual Inspection:

Its safe to say that if a tyre is visually inspected before ride, one can check tyres for any damages. If the rim is not properly balanced, it can cause tyre side wall or tyre shoulder damage. Like wise if the tyre is not properly balanced and installed in the swing arm, it can also cause damage to the tyre shoulder and tyre crown.

These few inspection points can really help with having a better tyre life and enjoying many more miles of happy riding!

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