Hello World from Pakistan

Hello World.
Pakistan ?? – Iran ?? – Azarbaijan ?? – Turkey ??
4 Countries ,5 Borders,32 DAYS and 12000 kilometers.
And you know what , They did this on Motorcycles ?️

Two legendary Bikers Dr. Omar Khan and Faisal Khalid from MOTORCYCLIST ASSOCIATION OF PAKISTAN (MAP) , are well known in the Motorcyclist touring community in Pakistan. Dr. Omar Khan travelled on his CG 125 DELUXE upgraded to 250 cc. He is in his 60’s and Faisal Khalid Travelled on his Zongshen rx1 200 cc, successfully completed there escapade from Lahore to Turkey .

-Their third biker Zulfiqar Ali , who is a British Pakistani passport holder was also their companion till turkey and went SOLO from TURKEY ?? TO LONDON?? on his United Trail bike.
-They are the first one’s to travel abroad on motorcycles with Pakistani passport to Iran ?? – Azarbaijan ?? – Turkey ?? . It’s a dream for every Pakistani biker to travel internationally ,they have set a foundation for it.They are a live example that it is possible to travel outside the country on a motorcycle with PAKISTANI PASSPORT.

-The tour was of more than 12000 kms with a new adventure everyday. Weather it were the freezing days with temperature -1°c or the blazing hot and scorching hot days with temperatures up to 49°c ,these brave men travelled along the roads no matter if it was a very dry day , a thunderstorm ,a hailstorm or any thing you could imagine. They kept on going.
-There were often places where no residence was available so they used tents for night stays in such extreme weathers. Places were exotic and full of nature and they lived to the fullest enjoying each and every little detail and the beautiful creations of Allah.
– Travelling on motorcycle is not an easy task, some people can’t even imagine doing this tour on a motorcycle.
-They went through all kinds of tracks , sandy , rocky , wet , off-road , frozen , and hot tracks.
They covered all kinds of tracks on very basic motorcycles. This shows that how skillful riders they are .
I am looking forward to hear more about this tour from Dr. Omar khan , Faisal Khalid and also Zulfiqar Ali ,who will be back after two months.

Guys please spare a moment and appreciate what they have done and promote them as much as possible..
This is the positive side of Pakistan , As you all know the political situation of Pakistan is not well these days and there is negativity everywhere. Another thing is that people often don’t consider biking as a good thing, but this is a Very proud moment for Pakistani’s
So take out a moment and spread this positive side of Pakistan and the Motorcyclist community.

I request all the Media to promote and Highlight this side of Pakistan and the biking community as well.

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