Will motorcycles become more expensive?

Pakistan is world’s fifth largest motorcycle manufacturer but despite being such a huge market, companies are more of an assembling plant rather than a manufacturing plant. Many big companies like Atlas Honda who are making motorcycles in Pakistan for decades still need to import parts. As the recent government has imposed ban on imports and failing to control the increasing dollar rate, where will this end up? Will motorcycles become more expensive? Lets find out.

The motorcycle industry of Pakistan is mainly dependent on smaller engine capacity 70cc motorcycles. Many local companies are also manufacturing these bikes and their prices have been rapidly increasing. In past 2 years, a local 70cc motorcycle has jumped from 44,000 rupees to 60 thousand rupees. The Japanese Brand like Atlas Honda CD 70 has crossed 100,000 rupees.

This seems to be a non ending circle as every now and than companies are increasing prices. As per information, Yamaha and Suzuki are going to increase their prices substantially soon. In Pakistan a locally manufactured motorcycle is so expensive that it kills the purpose of making it locally.

The situation is going to be difficult every day, its safe to say that we may see price increase every month. May Allah bless us and our industry!

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