Suzuki Hayabusa , The Flying Falcon

World has seen very few motorcycles which have such an iconic fan following, a name which symbolizes speed and only speed. Yes I am talking about the mighty Suzuki Hayabusa.

Originally launched in 1999 it claimed the title of world’s fastest motorcycle which could go up to 312 kilometers per hour and gave other manufacturers a run for their money.

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Suzuki Hayabusa is named after a prey bird , a falcon which eats other birds for living and so do Suzuki Hayabusa. Not only it is fast, it is also the practical motorcycle as well. People have trave lled the world on Hayabusa. A motorcyclist from India Jaysin has travelled numerous time on Hayabusa and he vlogs about it as well.

In Pakistan Hayabusa is really popoular, People love to own one and this king of track has a dynamic road presence. Even though now after the launch of Kawasaki zx14r this crown of fastest superbike is gone but Hayabusa is a legend and will always be!

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