Harley Davidson Goes Electric

In the 111 years old history of Harley Davidson they have finally taken a revolutionary step,introducing an electric motorcycle from a brand known to be american sweetheart and an icon of heritage. Earlier debuted in 2014 at auto show, the LiveWire received a mixed reception.

The purist hated it as they thought it to be deviating from the american heritage and pride. It took some time to sink in.This is 2019 November and the Harley Davidson LiveWire is here.Though initial models began on sale from September 2019 but halted due to some issues which are rectified now and the LiveWire is now in production.

Available on sales from 2020 this machine needs no oil and no gas its electric motors are capable of making 78 horses and 111 torques.As seen on most Harley Davidson motorcycles it is still a belt drive.

Having a range of 110 miles per charge this motorcycle can do up to 110 miles per hour (electronically limited) and does 0 to 60 miles in under 4 seconds. Pretty impressive for an Electric motorcycle. LiveWire will be sold at a retail price of 30 thousand dollars.

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