How to prepare for Motorcycle Tour

In recent past motorcycle touring has really picked up its pace in Pakistan. With introduction of social media and internet,people are visiting places and sharing it through their profiles and you tube channels.Many people just dive right it, don’t do that. You should prepare for touring.

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Clothes:Don’t ignore the clothes you are wearing during a tour, Its not advisable to pack with out knowing the weather of area you are visiting. In mountains it might be cold or in desert it may be too hot! Pack and dress up wisely.

Shoes:Its better to have motorcycle riding shows, if not you should wear something which covers your ankles. Good quality shoes will definitely help in harsh conditions.

Riding Gear: Don’t ignore the importance of riding gears, They can really save you in case of a crash.Having a good riding jacket, Elbow and knee guards is really important. Now we have very good riding ears available.

Tent and Sleeping Bag: If you are planning on adventure of a life time, we suggest you should camp. Having a good quality water proof camp will make your life easier and it will serve you better.Its very compact and can easily be folded. Similarly a sleeping bag will come in handy, it will keep you warm and its very compact too.

Side Bags and Side Boxes: These things come in handy when you have to keep your luggage and mount it on motorcycle. You will not need to tie stuff. Simply put these on your machine and keep your luggage in it. It will prove its worth once used.Tank bag also counts in them as well.

Puncture Kit and tools: Its also advisable to keep a puncture kit and basic repair tools. You may need to change the oil or spark plug. You should also know how to do a puncture repair.Practice before you go.

Motorcycle and Its Conditions: Last but not the least your machine should be perfect and in tip top condition. It will be your companion for a long time while you are in the saddle and doing a long haul.

Keeping these things in mind will definitely help you in having a good motorcycle tour. Our good friend Hassan has demonstrated it very well. His channel can be visited at following link.


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