That’s what happens when Italian designers meet with Japanese engineers and develop something which looks killer, sounds killers and is fast as hell. Bimota Tesi H2 was developed by Bimota, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer based on Kawasaki H2 and it was displayed at EICMA Motorcycle show.

Kawasaki now owns Bimota as they have purchased 49.9 percent of its shares and I can have a taste of their motorcycles as they will be having a mix of Italian and Japanese pedigree.The most unusual thing about Tesi H2 is its front suspension, unlike any other super bike this machine does not use the conventional front end, instead it has a complex swing arm system at front which Bimota says not only improves handling but its also more stable incase of sudden hard braking.



On the styling front it looks like a fighter jet ready to take on its enemy! There are numerous components designed just to keep this machine planted on the ground as its going to be crazy super fast! Even though the technical specs and state of tune of the engine has not been revealed yet but we can clearly see where we are headed with this combo! The H2 engine its based on is capable of making 206 horses and 95 pound feet of torques.

Its anticipated that this Tesi H2 will be available for sale at a price tag of 53 thousand dollars and available for sale by June 2020 in its native country Italy. We are not sure when this machine will hit our shores.


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