Highly Modified Sultan 250


Super Power Sultan Highly Modified

Tamoor Pervaiz worked his magic on this motorcycle.

A youtuber and motorcycle modifier Tamoor Pervaiz from Karachi is known for his modification projects, The guy is accompanied by his father and this winning combination takes on a motorcycle in a very different way. They revamp the whole motorcycle and turn it into a new machine.

Tamoor Pervaiz & his Father working on the custom bikes

Recently they have shared another video of converting a Super Power Sultan GP250 with a Kawasaki 250cc motor. This bumped the power from 17 hp to a whooping 45 hp. Not only that the motorcycle also got a single sided swing arm and a killer exhaust note to compliment all of the changes.

Tamoor Pervaiz can be contacted on his social media handles and can be asked if he is willing to do such a project or not. These custom machines vary in prices as per parts availability and complexity.

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