Kawasaki GTO 125: Why banned?

Motorcycles in general are very attractive piece of machinery. The ones who own them really like to keep them in top notch condition. The motorcycle in discussion today is also one such machine. A 16,000 kilometers ridden Kawasaki GTO125, a time capsule indeed. This Kawasaki GTO is no more in production and it was banned to be sold in Pakistan. Let’s find out why.

Kawasaki was one of the most popular and sought after motorcycle brand in Pakistan before its bankruptcy and end of operations in 1993. Kawasaki GTO was one of the last motorcycles which rolled out of Kawasaki’s factory in Pakistan.There are many different rumors to it, some people say Kawasaki was bike of the bad guys, some said it was the government and some say it was due to bankruptcy of the firm.

The machine is very well kept, still has major original parts intact and its a testament to Japanese build quality. In todays world where motorcycles are becoming fragile, a legend like Kawasaki GTO tells us that what an actual motorcycle is all about! The motorcycle had every possible feature (available back in the day) onboard.

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There are many rumors why these motorcycles were banned and most authentic of all is that there were many reasons to it. Kawasaki was working under a joint partnership with Saif Khurshid Motors and the local partner went bankrupt. Also the emission norms were changing across the globe and Kawasaki wanted to switch towards more powerful and environment friendly machine. They say that a legend never dies. Kawasaki still lives on with an unmatched fan following.

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