Are you a biker?

Bikers are always misunderstood, they are judged on the basis of how they look, how they wear how they walk and how they talk. Bikers are often misunderstood for being racist or involved in criminal activities but thats not who they are.


Bikers are those who love and respect the freedom their machine gives them when they’re on the open roads,Bikers are a different breed and they are bound to be different.Bikers stand out from the rest and have their own identity.


Behind the tough guy looks of a rider , there is a soft spoken and kind hearted gentleman who loves to ride, who enjoys and respects the freedom and who loves to help others he find on the road.Real Bikers respect the competition and take their other fellow riders as a community not as a threat!


Live love and respect are three simple elements of what a biker is!

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