Best 100cc motorcycle

100 Cc motorcycles are very popular in Pakistan . People love them for simple construction and ease of maintainance. The market now a days is not rich when 100 Cc motorcycles are discussed. Today we will compare Honda Pridor and Yamaha Junoon if you’re looking for a second hand motorcycle on budget of 50,000 and below.

Yamaha Junoon:

Though this machine is discontinued in 2014 but its still in market . Being one of the most powerful 4stroke 100Cc motorcycle it has loads of low end torque. Good pickup decent suspension and great fuel economy . It can easily be bought in very good condition for 40000 rupees but its parts are expensive.

Honda Prior:

This is new updated shape of Honda CD100 and still I production . It has decent efficiency and economy with ease of maintainance but the parts are bit expensive.These bikes retail in second hand market for around 50000 rupees as it has failed to make a mark on used motorcycle market.

Due to better parts availability and resale of Pridor, I suggest it as a better buy.

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