Lifan KPR200 Best learner Sports Bike

Entry level learner sports bikes are a phenomena across the globe, Many people like to ride a smaller capacity sports bike first to learn sports riding. They use a lighter bike to adjust the leaned over riding posture and weight of the bike on shoulders. In this regard, Lifan KPR200 is the best learner sports bike because of its decent enough power and easy handling. Lets find out what makes Lifan KPR200 a best learner sports bike.

Lifan KPR 200 riding Posture:

Sports bikes usually have an aggressive riding posture in which ride is leaned all the way to improve handling and aerodynamics. This riding posture is very committed and makes it tough to handle the machine at times. The Lifan KPR200 has a very well thought riding posture, its not too lean and not too committed. All in all its a mix of both which help riders to ride longer with out hurting their back.

Lifan KPR200
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Lifan KPR200 engine & Performance:

Lifan is a global brand which means it is available across the world in many countries and it has a specific quality standard. Lifan is popular in North and Latin America with its 200cc engine(Same engine is used in many motorcycles).The engine delivers 17hp and it is mated with a 6 speed gear transmission. Also it is fuel injected and yields some great fuel efficiency numbers. Engine is liquid cooled and rev happy enough to enjoy this small peppy machine.

On the performance front, KPR is a machine which can get you 40 kmpl and rev up to 120+kmph on tap. Also it has a rather comfortable riding posture which helps the riders to ride for long hours. All in all, KPR200 is a great value for money for things it does(In Pakistan its not the case unfortunately)

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lifan KPR 200 Platform Sharing:

Lifan KPR shares the same platform with its other 200cc siblings like KPM200 and KPT200. The KPR series is known as King Power Racing and has been known across the globe due to its performance and efficiency. KPM 200 has classic looks while KPT200 is designed to conquer off road trails. These machines are the best in category learner machines.


In Pakistan, KPR200 initially was launched by ZXMCO as a CBU import, They called it ZXMCO Cruise 200 and after 2 to 3 years of success they suddenly called it off. Than Rapid Rides who are Lifan’s official partners in Pakistan brought KPR200 with all of its after sale services and spare parts facilities in house. The price on KPR200 is currently much higher than what it was initially asked for. This motorcycle makes sense on 430k, not on 545k which it retails for now. Do let us know what you think of Lifan KPR200.

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