Muhammad Usman’s Qatil Hasena

Usman Ghani is pride of Pakistan. A young talented gentleman representing Pakistan on the tracks. Recently he shared images of his beloved R6 and dedicated it to whole Pakistan on Pakistan Day.

Usman says:

Happy Pakistan day to all!

Every time I am in Pakistan – I am absolutely blown away by the stunning graphics and colors on Trucks, Rickshaws and buses. They are known all over the world, the famous Pakistani Truck Art, but how many times do you look beyond that art and appreciate the driver / conductor / rider of these machines? – The real heroes who keep Pakistan moving.

They put in insane hours, to keep the country moving – One of the hardest working men/women of Pakistan. When was the last time you said Salam to the driver of the bus you got into? When was the last time you asked how is he/she doing? Did you buy a spare bottle of water to give to your rickhsaw driver? They are the real heroes, the real celebrities. Acknowledge them for their hard work, appreciate them and treat them with respect.

Next time you are out, don’t forget to thank them for their hard-work, talent, skill and dedication. I’ll be running this livery for the summer 2021 as a tribute to the hard-working and amazing truck/bus/rickshaw drivers of Pakistan.

A big thank you to Diablo foil – Khel Shel – Furiosa Racing & AM Sport Arabia for all the support. It looks amazing, Can’t wait to get my new matching suit from Mass Sports soon.

Good luck Champ! Make us proud

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