Suzuki GSX 125 launch date & Specs

In August 2022, Suzuki displayed it’s GSX125 in Pakistan Auto show. The Suzuki GSX 125 received a mixed reception where people were excited about it’s quality and launch but worried about it’s price. The motorcycle displayed was a CBU unit and it was of splendid quality. Lets have a look at its tentative launch date , specs and its price.

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Suzuki GSX125 Quality

The motorcycle no doubt is of great quality than local assembled bikes, paint and chrome quality along with finish and fit speak of themselves. Also the quality of gadgets on offer is much better than many local motorcycles. The motorcycle will compete with Yamaha YBR125 and Honda CB125F in Pakistan. The competition is already established in the market and has a good reputation across youngsters.

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Suzuki GSX125 or GS125Q

Initially Suzuki planned to launch GSX125 in September 2022 but later had to change the launch date due to floods and poor economical conditions. The major motorcycle market is under floods and tough situations. Recently company has shared that they will be launching GSX125 in October 2022 under a new name of GS125Q.

suzuki GSX125 price

Suzuki GSX 125 or GS125Q will initially launch CBU units in Pakistan and will later localize it depending upon the results. The GS125Q has much better hardware to offer like tube less tyres, clip on handle bars and rear set foot pegs. The GS125Q is anticipated to be launched at a price tag of 4 lac rupees or closer to Suzuki GR150 (Both of them are CBU units from Qingqi Suzuki)

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suzuki gSX125 performance

On performance front the specs and engine on GS125Q is not much impressive, though the machine is sporty and aggressive looking but it needs to have an engine which can push it against the competition. Right now it has a poor power to weight ratio and it will be struggling to make a mark among youngsters.

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