Suzuki GS150se

ON Money demand increasing on Suzuki GS150SE

Its well informed and confirmed through Pak Suzuki its self that they have discontinued Suzuki GS150SE.According to Pak Suzuki the Suzuki GS150SE is discontinued due to lack of imported spare parts, high dollar price at the time and other few complicated issues.

The motorcycle production is discontinued but Suzuki still has some remaining units of GS150SE standing at showrooms with the sticker price of 259,000 rupees. Many people have complained that the Suzuki Dealers are over charging and demanding for own money for this specific motorcycle.

ON Money is the bad practice of our market in which the dealers exploit the buyers and charge more amount for the vehicle or product more than its sticker price. Initially this practice was started in cars first and now its being applied in premium motorcycle market.

Also the online selling platforms are showing a higher pricing trend on used Suzuki GS150SE. In developing countries like ours, vehicles are treated as fixed assets and they appreciate too much rather than depreciating.

Do let us know what you think about this scenario and what’s your take on this!

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