Honda Atlas reduces its car prices

This is probably for the first time in history of Pakistani automobile industry that automakers are reducing their prices on decrease of dollar prices. Before that there is no such example of price revisions in Pakistani automobile industry.

Recently Toyota Indus motors had reduced their prices which was later followed by Pak Suzuki. Now Honda Atlas Cars is following the trend and reducing the car prices with effect from today. This is a welcome change so to say. The new prices are going to be as under:

The price revision trend is receiving mix reception from public, when some people are appreciating it some are not. Many people are of the opinion that the price hike was way more than decrease. Some people are confronting government for banning the import of spare parts. They are of the opinion that the deliveries will be late due to lack of parts.

On the other hand second hand car market will also get a reality check. People were asking for insane amounts for used old cars. The appreciation in value of cars should be discouraged and people should ask a sane amount for their vehicle.

Do let us know what’s your take on this price revision. We hope cars become affordable and motorcycle manufacturers follow the trend.


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