Yamaha launches its all new electric 2 wheelers

When it comes to 2 wheelers, Yamaha needs no introduction. Yamaha Motor Corp began manufacturing small capacity (50cc) scooters for urban riding in 1990 but they are working on its Electric equivalent from 1991 on wards which have been launched in many Asian countries over the span of past years. With constant improvements, Yamaha finally launches its NEOs EV Scooters.

Yamaha NEO’s is an urban focused scooter which reflects in its design. In a press release, Yamaha say, “The compact body features soft, rounded forms that enhance the relaxed feel and convey the easy-to-ride character of this ultra-quiet zero emission scooter.

In keeping with Yamaha’s progress in electro-mobility over the last thirty years or so, its new NEO scooters will be outfitted with some of the most cutting-edge electric technology available in the scooter market, all contained within the rear wheel hub as part of the YIPU (Yamaha Integrated Power Unit) along with the rear brake system, which will be integrated into the YIPU.

The NEO will be available in two colors: white and black, with both featuring Yamaha’s new ‘Aqua’ color, which is exclusive to its electric models, on the battery cover. Prices for the NEO start at £3,005, with the white model starting at £3,005 which makes it unfavorable for us here in Pakistan.

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