Upcoming Caferacers from Sigma Motorsports Lahore

Sigma Motorsports Lahore is Pakistan’s leading Chinese motorcycle importers in Pakistan. Back in the day Sigma Motorsports started bringing in Chinese Replicas and later moved towards patent Chinese companies as Taro. Sigma Motorsports recently shared images of some upcoming Caferacers in their line up from Taro Motorcycles.

Upcoming Motorcycles from Sigma Motorsports
Upcoming Motorcycles from Sigma Motorsports

The motorcycles in question are coming from Taro, Sigma Motorsports Lahore being their sole distributors and retailers in Pakistan have successfully done the launch of their Gladiator and Taro GP.

These caferacers will be available in 125,250 and 400cc with high tech equipment and qualities. We are hoping to have good quality motorcycles from Sigma Motorsports at affordable prices.

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